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Improving Energy Efficiency Together

Holland Community Energy Plan Holland BPW and the City of Holland share a passion for the Community Energy Plan (CEP).

James De Young Power Plant Demolition

Demolition of Holland BPW’s retired James De Young (JDY) power plant is underway. 

Power 101

Where Do We Get Power?

We Are Committed to Diversified Power Generation

Holland Board of Public Works offers a diverse energy portfolio, distributing energy from natural gas, coal, wind, biomass, and landfill gas. In fact, with our Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) over 15% of our power comes from sustainable energy sources. This diversity helps us to keep our rates consistent and competitive, sourcing our power from the most affordable option at any given time.

Renewable Solar Energy

Through a partnership with the Michigan Public Power Agency (MPPA), we have power purchase agreements for renewable energy from several large solar arrays in Michigan.

Reliable Electric

The services we provide are essential to the foundation of our community and you need to be able to count on them. How do we measure reliability? In the electric utility, we track performance using industry standards, such as SAIFI and SAIDI, which allow us to benchmark ourselves with other electric providers.

How We Generate Electricity

Holland BPW generates, transmits and distributes electricity to approximately 30,000 customers within the City of Holland, Park Township, Holland Township, Laketown Township and Fillmore Township.

Preparing for Holland Energy Park

Holland Energy Park™ grounds feature paved walking trails that will be integrated into the Macatawa Greenway system. 

Combined Cycle Natural Gas Power Plant

During optimal conditions, Holland Energy Park boasts nearly 60% thermal efficiency in the production of power and heat for the community. 

Power for the 21st Century

Why Build a New Plant? The direction for creating the Holland Energy Park™ came directly from our community.

Water Main Flushing

Holland BPW Water Main Flushing begins in April and will continue through the summer in the neighborhoods located between Ottawa Ave. and Old Orchard from South Shore Drive to north of 146th Street.

Woman holds water glass with "Informe sobre la Calidad del Agua 2022"

Informe sobre la Calidad del Agua 2022

En la Planta de Tratamiento de Agua de la Holland BPW [Junta de Obras Públicas], tratamos y filtramos el agua del Lago Michigan. Esto asegura agua potable saludable para nuestra comunidad y nuestros clientes. Nuestro personal de agua calificado proporciona excelencia en la calidad del agua y utiliza nuestra fuente de agua de manera responsable.

Water Quality Report 2022

At the Holland BPW Water Treatment Plant, we treat and filter water from Lake Michigan. This ensures healthy drinking water for our community and customers. Our skilled water staff provide excellence in water quality and use our water source responsibly. 

EPA Proposes the First Federal Regulation for PFAS

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) proposed a new rule for PFAS National Primary Drinking Water Regulation.

Water Quality Report 2021

EGLE and the U.S. EPA require us to test our water on a regular basis to ensure its safety. We update this report annually and will keep you informed of any problems that may occur throughout the year as they happen.

Hydrants Aren't Just for Fires

While most people assume that fire hydrants serve only as emergency access to water for firefighters, they also provide access to critical water infrastructure that would otherwise be difficult to service.

Where Our Water Comes From

Holland BPW draws its water from Lake Michigan. The water distribution system contains 240 miles of water main and serves the City of Holland, and some sections of Park, Laketown, Fillmore and Holland Charter Townships.

Sustainable Options for Wastewater Treatment

Sustainable Options for Wastewater Treatment

Water reclamation is the process of renewing wastewater so that it can return safely to the natural environment.

The Holland Board of Public Works views this responsibility as part of a circular economy, where there is no waste. Our vision is that everything processed at the Water Reclamation Facility becomes beneficial. Nothing truly disappears from the environment, so we strive to take care of every piece of it.

ENVISION Gold Anaerobic Digester

Holland BPW is proud to announce that the anaerobic digester earned an ENVISION Gold rating for sustainability.