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Double Rebate: AC Tune-Up and Dehumidifier

Double Rebate: AC Tune-Up and Dehumidifier

As the summer heat rises, so does the humidity in your home. To help you beat the heat and humidity, we are doubling our rebate amounts for ENERGY STAR dehumidifiers and A/C Tune-Ups during the months of June and July.

Double Rebate Amounts for June and July

  • ENERGY STAR Dehumidifiers: $50 (regular amount $25)
  • A/C Tune-Ups: $50 (regular amount $25)

Double rebates will be automatically applied for the months of June and July. Simply fill out the application and required documentation listed below to receive the promotional amount.

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What to Submit

A/C Tune-Up:

  1. Completed and signed rebate application.
  2. Copy of the tune-up invoice with date performed.
  3. Tune-up checklist, if not included on the invoice.

Have a service agreement with your HVAC company? No problem! We just need an invoice for the tune-up to verify when the service was performed. Be sure to include the checklist provided by your technician when you submit your application. Some contractors include notes on the invoice, while others provide a full checklist.


  1. Completed and signed rebate application.
  2. Copy of invoice or receipt showing date of purchase, make/model, and paid in full.
  3. Proof of ENERGY STAR certification.

Rebate Terms

A/C Tune-Up: A standard A/C tune-up is a cleaning and inspection of the indoor and outdoor coil which includes: cleaning or replacement of air filter, inspection and lubrication of blower, cleaning/inspection and lubrication of motors, checking/adjusting the refrigerant, confirmation of proper air flow, checking condensate drain, cleaning debris from and around condenser, and performing visual inspection of entire A/C system. Include a dated copy of the contractor’s checklist. Limit 1 per customer per year.

ENERGY STAR Room Dehumidifier: Provide proof of ENERGY STAR certification with application.