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Grow with Holland BPW and start a career where you make a difference.

Community impact, no matter the job.

Holland BPW is a publicly owned utility, creating value for our community through local, reliable, efficient and essential services. Everything we do, whether customer service, regular system maintenance or expanding to a new service is for the betterment of our community. We also have the privilege of employing members of our community who understand our community and are committed to helping it grow.

Why Work at Holland BPW?

  • Fulfilling work that is meaningful to our community
  • Stimulating and interesting challenges
  • Culture based on core values 
  • Competitive compensation and excellent benefits
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"Holland BPW is a place where I can make a positive difference. We have a great team of people, working together to provide reliable essential services to the community. We focus on building a culture that provides a space where our team can create innovative solutions and have fun doing it."
- Becky Lehman, Business Services Director

Who We Are

HBPW provides essential, economical and innovative utility services for the Holland community, including electricity, water wastewater and broadband. HBPW operates socially and environmentally responsible utility enterprises that are able to expand and sustain a highly functional, reliable and efficient local infrastructure.

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We accept and embrace responsibility for our actions.

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Continuous Improvement
We act with purpose to make people and processes better.

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Customer Focus
We set achievable customer expectations and assume responsibility for solving customer problems.

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Employee Fulfillment
We engage intentionally with each other to understand and appreciate our unique work styles and contributions.

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We allow and expect others to use judgment and make decisions.

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We deliver on agreed upon actions and commitments. We treat everyone with dignity and respect.

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Open Communications
We use patience & active listening skills when communicating with others. We speak directly & clearly state expectations. We are open to suggestions.

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Professional Development
We keep our job knowledge current. We actively participate in educational and learning activities.

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We promote positive safety culture and actively participate in safety programs. 

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging

HBPW values and seeks diverse perspectives and experiences, leading to employees who thrive, and creating innovative utility solutions that meet the needs of our customers and help our community flourish.

What We Do

Holland BPW provides four basic services for businesses, residents and commercial and industrial customers. Learn more about the facilities we operate and how each of these services benefit our community.

With four utility services to provide, there are many different jobs that keep Holland BPW running. Here are just a few:

Brunette man sits in front of 6 computer monitors, operating the water treatment plant.

Utility Workers

  • Biologists, Chemists
  • Engineers
  • Field Technicians: Water/Wastewater, Electric, Broadband
  • Instrumentation & Controls Technician for Water/Wastewater and Power Plant Facilities
  • Lineworkers
  • Maintenance
  • Plant Operators
  • Safety Professionals
Blonde, curly-haired woman with glasses sits next to her computer in a cubicle.

Business Workers

  • Accountants, Financial Analysts
  • Communications, Public Relations, Graphic Design
  • Community Educators
  • Conservationists
  • Customer Service Representatives
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Specialists
  • IT, Networking, Database Management
  • Leadership, Management
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Purchasing
  • Warehouse, Facilities


Benefits diagram
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Medical, Prescription, Dental, Vision and a Wellness Program that provides an attractive discount on premiums.

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Retirement Savings
Holland BPW offers a generous retirement savings plan that includes an employer match and contribution towards a 401(a) retirement plan. Employees also have the opportunity to save additional funds in a 457 tax advantaged deferred-compensation retirement plan.

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Competitive Wages
Our people are our most valuable asset. Keeping our wages competitive is one of the efforts we put in place to demonstrate how important employees are to us. We analyze the market and make adjustments to ensure that our wages are current and appealing.

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Paid Training
We encourage and support our employees to pursue professional development. After all, it is one of our Core Values. Receive full compensation for time spent building your knowledge base.

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Tuition Reimbursement
Employees are encouraged to seek educational advancement in their career path. We offer you the opportunity to improve job capabilities through reimbursement of tuition and fees incurred while pursuing approved degree programs.

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Performance Pay
We have a program to reward employees when we, as an organization, meet our goals. HBPW employees receive a financial reward when strategic goals are met. Measures are in place to track progress. The amount rewarded is determined by overall success towards objectives. 

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Work/Life Balance
Healthy balance between work and personal life is vital to the well-being of our employees. We foster an environment that allows for the work/life balance that you need to stay happy and healthy. 

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Paid Time Off

We offer paid holidays and Paid Time Off (PTO). You begin accruing PTO on your first day of employment at Holland BPW.

Intern with Holland BPW

Hands-On Learning Experiences

Get first-hand experience in your field with an internship at Holland BPW. All internships are paid positions and run May to August to accommodate most school schedules. Internships typically feature larger projects as well as day-to-day learning about Holland BPW’s work and specific department roles to provide you with experience in a wide variety of work.

Past internship fields include:

  • Accounting

  • Communications

  • Engineering

  • Energy Waste Reduction/Conservation

  • IT Networking

  • Procurement/Warehousing

  • Safety

Young man with short, black hair sits in front of desk with radios behind him.

“Thank you for the opportunity to work here this summer! This was by far the best summer work experience I have had since starting college.”  - Emily B., Engineering Intern

“I’ve been super happy with my experience being an intern here at BPW. I have learned so much working in communications in a field that I previously wouldn’t have pictured myself interning in. The opportunity to meet people in fields that I’ve never worked with and see how their jobs work with communications has been a highlight of this summer!”  - Aileen M., Communications Intern

Open Internship Positions