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Holland Board of Public Works believes in strengthening our community by facilitating economic development. We offer a variety of programs that help commercial and industrial customers make improvements to their businesses and incentivize environmentally conscious decision making.


Elective Renewable Energy     |     Distributed Generation

Economic Development Incentives  

Elective Renewable Energy IconElective Renewable Energy

You can contribute to making our community a greener place by choosing to have a portion, or all of your electricity generated by renewable sources. Holland Board of Public Works is now offering elective renewable energy for all customers. 

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icon renewable energy gray 72Distributed Generation

Are you planning to install your own renewable energy generator? Holland Board of Public Works has a Distributed Generation (DG) program for HBPW customers who generate electric power using their own solar, wind, hydropower, geothermal, energy storage system or qualified biomass resources. DG helps lower your electric bill and continue to access to the HBPW electric grid as a backup.

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 Economic Developmenticon EconomicDevelopment

The Holland Board of Public Works (HBPW) supports business and employment growth within the HBPW service area by making the Economic Development Incentive Rider (EDIR) available to companies who either expand their business within the service territory, or relocate to a site where electric service is provided by the HBPW. Organizations applying for the EDIR will be asked to explain why the electrical cost is a material factor in their decision to locate or expand in Holland.

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