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Connecting Holland to a vibrant future

Holland City Fiber is an educational initiative to provide accurate information to Holland voters about the proposed millage to install city-wide fiber optic infrastructure.

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03/09/22 Holland, MI — At the City Council study session on Wednesday, March 9, 2022, Council discussed a Holland Board of Public Works (HBPW) proposal and potential ballot initiative for a millage to install fiber internet infrastructure for the entire city. Modeled after HBPW’s successful downtown broadband pilot, the plan would extend similar infrastructure city-wide to residents and businesses.

“Installing a community-wide fiber network would increase customer choice for high-speed, affordable internet in every home and business in Holland,” said Holland City Manager Keith Van Beek. “Right now, aging copper infrastructure for internet connection limits possible bandwidth as well as internet service provider competition. We are looking at a ballot proposal that would give City of Holland residents a choice to fund this critical infrastructure for the future.”

City Council is expected to consider final ballot language for a millage in April. According to the proposed plan, installing city-wide fiber infrastructure would allow any internet service provider to offer up to 10 gigabit internet speeds. If a ballot initiative is approved, HBPW is predicting construction could begin in Fall 2023 and be completed in about two years.

“Similar to public ownership of city streets, the proposed publicly-owned broadband network would be Open Access, encouraging internet companies to offer fast internet for less,” said Holland BPW General Manager Dave Koster. “Given the success of our pilot project downtown, we are confident we can manage the infrastructure reliably and pass along the savings to our customer-owners.”

Why Holland City Fiber?

Universal fiber creates more choice for fast, affordable internet

A community-wide fiber network will increase customer choices for high-performance, affordable internet in every home and business in Holland. Aging copper infrastructure limits bandwidth and provider competition.

‘Community-owned’ means long-term savings and local control

Holland BPW has a history of reliable service, efficient operations and accountability to our customer-owners. What’s more, as a nonprofit entity, we pass all savings along to our customers.

A thriving future needs great internet

Our community’s success and continued innovation will rely on a fast, reliable connection for an advanced workforce, competitive education, virtual healthcare, and daily entertainment.

Expanding fiber creates a common infrastructure

Just as city streets are shared by all, our publicly-owned fiber network will be Open Access, which encourages competition to provide fast internet for less. A universal fiber system also creates unique opportunities for educators, healthcare systems and multi-site businesses to share information like never before.


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