Below you'll find HBPW's Annual Reports, financial statements, Annual Water Quality Reports and our Renewable Energy Plan. The reports share our year's acheievements, financial details, what we do to keep your drinking water safe and more.

Annual Reports

Annual Reports share the year's achievements, financial details, energy efficiency goals met and more.

Annual Report 2018 - Web Based

Annual Report 2017 - Web Based 

Annual Report 2016 - Web Based and Print
Annual Report 2015 - Web Based and Print
Annual Report 2014 - Web Based and Print
Annual Report 2013 - Web Based and Print
Annual Report 2012 - Web Based and Print
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Annual Report 2005

Water Quality Reports

The water you drink goes through a rigorous testing process that is monitored continuously before it is delivered to you safely 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. 

Water Quality Reports (also known as Consumer Confidence Reports) are a result of a Federal regulation passed by the U.S. EPA as part of the 1996 Safe Drinking Water Act Amendments, requiring that all community water systems provide customers with an annual water quality report. The annual report provides customers with an overview of the results of the testing performed and of the quality of the drinking water delivered during the previous calendar year. The reports not only provide information about the quality of the drinking water, but the source, treatment, monitoring and more.

2018 Annual Water Quality Report (issued 2019)

2017 Annual Water Quality Report (issued 2018) 
2016 Report (issued 2017)
2015 Report (issued 2016)
2014 Report (issued 2015)
2013 Report (issued 2014) 
2012 Report (issued 2013)
2011 Report (issued 2012)
2010 Report (issued 2011)
2009 Report (issued 2010)
2008 Report (issued 2009)
2007 Report (issued 2008) - Best Report Award earned from the Michigan Section of AWWA
2006 Report (issued 2007)
2005 Report (issued 2006)
2004 Report (issued 2005)
2003 Report (issued 2004)
2002 Report (issued 2003)


Renewable and Efficient Energy Plan

Public Act 295 (PA295) was signed into Michigan law in October 2008, to promote the development of clean energy, renewable energy, and energy optimization (EO) through the implementation of a clean, renewable, and energy efficient standard. The intention of the Act is to diversify the resources used to reliably meet the state's energy needs, provide greater energy security through the use of indigenous energy resources available within the state, encourage private investment in renewable energy and energy efficiency, and provide improved air quality.

Prior to this Act, the Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC) has had no authority over the municipal utilities in this state. This Act, however, defines "Electric provider" not only as the entities regulated by the state, but the municipally-owned electric utilities as well.

In order to meet the requirements of the Act, the Holland Board of Public Works provided an opportunity for public comment on the proposed plans. The period of public comment commenced on March 9, 2009 via e-mail and paper submittals.A public hearing was held on March 19, 2009, at which time the period of public comment concluded.

The documents below will be part of the Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) and EO filings, and must be approved by the HBPW Board of Directors, Holland City Council and the MPSC. Each document is formatted according to the templates provided by the MPSC: