Holland 9th and River time lapse resEstablished as a community-owned utility in 1893, Holland Board of Public Works' (HBPW) underlying purpose is to enrich the lives of customers in the greater Holland area by providing reliable and economical electric, water and wastewater treatment services while maintaining environmental responsibility.

Located in West Michigan and on the beautiful shores of Lake Michigan, Holland BPW is located in one of Michigan's fastest growing industrial and residential areas providing service for 75,000 members of the community.

Core Purpose

HBPW, a local not-for-profit utility, exists to help advance the agility and self-determination of the Holland community.

HBPW provides utility services that improve the quality of life by helping people meet their fundamental needs efficiently, safely and responsibly.

HBPW strives to be exemplary stewards of the resources entrusted to them.

Mission – Market Value Proposition

HBPW provides essential, economical and innovative utility services for the Holland community, including electricity, water wastewater and broadband.

HBPW operates socially and environmentally responsible utility enterprises that are able to expand and sustain a highly functional, reliable and efficient local infrastructure.

Commitment to Customers and the Community

HBPW is a progressive and innovative utility with more than 180 employees of diverse backgrounds working together to provide the Holland area with reliable and low cost utility services, while developing and implementing methods to preserve the environment. The Holland BPW staff provides a team building atmosphere within the organization and community, utilizing the richness of its diverse employees. HBPW continues to move forward, growing in services while maintaining the high expectations that its valued customers have come to expect. As a proud and active member of the Holland community, HBPW is committed to providing the services of an ever growing and changing population.

Creating a Better Future Today

Holland BPW is continuously redefining itself and exploring other services that could serve as an asset to the community. New technological fields are being explored and HBPW is on the forefront of development of various support services that can assist in meeting the needs of the community. HBPW's GIS services provide detailed descriptions of various utility delivery systems that can assist HBPW employees in new developing areas. Additionally, a 17-mile fiber optic backbone has been constructed to support internal communication links between, and for all HBPW facilities, as well as the community's various public services such as hospitals, schools and local government agencies.

Holland BPW will continue to assess the needs of its customers and the community, and work to meet those needs today and in the future.