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middle age man with dark hair stands in front of orange rolls of fiber conduit

Welcoming Bill Badran as Broadband Services Supervisor

Holland BPW welcomes Bill Badran, Broadband Services Supervisor. Bill will be integral in the activities related to building the infrastructure for Holland City Fiber.

Bill sits in a navy sweater with his fingers interlaced in front of a bright blue background.

Bill has a passion for Holland and appreciates the community’s proactive spirit in the face of challenge. He expressed, “I love the development and innovation this community has to offer. Having a community-owned fiber network will put our community in a better position to have reliable and cost-effective internet solutions while we continue helping our future leaders and community members with the latest and greatest.”

As President/CEO of BandA Tech Solutions for over 10 years, Bill created a successful team that centers on customer relationships. The company specializes in IT Management and network infrastructure builds from start to finish for small businesses.

Bill’s vision for success of the city-wide fiber project is also customer centered. He explained that “success for this project is having a structure in place for the best possible customer experience, from installation to support.”

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