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Renewable Solar Energy

Renewable Solar Energy

Renewable Solar

Holland BPW continues to expand commitments in renewable energy. Renewable resources in our portfolio are diversified between wind, landfill gas and solar. Through a partnership with the Michigan Public Power Agency (MPPA), we have power purchase agreements for renewable energy from several large solar arrays in Michigan. These collective investments enable Holland BPW to make a much greater impact at a lower cost than we could on our own.

Holland BPW recently authorized the purchase of approximately 24% of MPPA’s capacity in two new solar farms, Calhoun Solar and Hart Solar. The new agreements signed in 2021 add 17.7MW of installed solar capacity to our energy portfolio.

The two new solar farms are expected to commence commercial operation by the end of calendar year 2023. When these two arrays come online, Holland BPW is expected to have a total of 30MW of installed solar capacity in its portfolio. 30MW of solar is a compelling milestone for the community of Holland. In 2010, the original Community Energy Plan recommended that we obtain 30MW of solar by the year 2050. Holland BPW is on pace to far exceed that goal, with solar expected to reach the 30MW milestone by early 2024.

Growing Our Commitments in Renewable Energy

Holland BPW continues to look for more opportunities in renewable energy and anticipates layering in further renewable energy power purchase agreements in the coming years to replace energy from some legacy fossil fuel resources in the energy portfolio that are approaching retirement. “Our intention is to continue to grow our commitments to renewables as the right opportunities arise,” explained Joel Davenport, Operations Director.

Wind farm at sunset