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Cross Connection Control Information

Holland BPW operates a Cross Connection Control program in accordance with the Safe Water Drinking Act. 

A cross connection is when non-potable water comes in contact with the public water supply, which can contaminate the drinking water system through backsiphonage, backpressure or both. Backisphonage can occur when the pressure in the public distribution system drops. Normally, this pressure is high enough to prevent backflow, but certain events such as main breaks, flushing or firefighting can lower the pressure enough to allow water to flow backwards. Backpressure can occur when the pressure in a private water system is higher than the city's water system and can be caused by a privately owned pump being used to increase pressure inside a single structure. 

Examples of cross connections include: 

  • A faucet connected to a hose lying in a bucket of dirty water
  • A water pipe connected to a broiler treated with chemicals

By law*, it is the customer's responsibility to install and maintain backflow prevention devices and the water utility's responsibility to ensure its customers comply with these requirements. 

Holland BPW inspects premises in the City of Holland and portions of Park, Holland and Laketown Townships based on potential hazard of the cross connection. 

Additional Information: 

  • Select backflow prevention assemblies must be tested and reported to Holland BPW
  • Lawn irrigation systems require backflow prevention devices to be installed at the point of connection to the portable water system (periodic testing of these and other devices may be required, and testing must be administered by an individual who has obtained a cross connection control "Certificate of Award" from the Michigan Plumbing board)

Click here for a list of certified blackflow testers. 

Additional Resources and Documents: 

*Part 14 of the Michigan Safe Water Drinking Act, 1976 PA 399, as amended and the Water Supply Cross Connection Rules of the Michigan Environmental Quality, R 325.11401 to R 325.1140 of the Michigan Administrative Code, contain the rules that public water systems must follow regarding cross connection control. Section 37-28 of the City of Holland Code of Ordinances charges Holland BPW with determining the presence of cross-connections in the municipal water system.