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I’ve heard that that the City has selected a new hauler to provide garbage & recycling services. What impacts will this have on my service?

Recently, Republic Services purchased the refuse and recycle hauling assets of Chef Container. In short, this change of ownership will have no major impact on City Residential Refuse & Recycling users. In time, you may see new trucks on the road and Republic branded Yard Waste bins. Other than these minor changes, you will see no major change in service options provided to the City or the services you’ve selected.

Who do I call if I have questions about my account or if I want to change services?

For everything from general questions, to changing cart sizes, to starting or stopping service you will contact the HBPW at 616.355.1500. Similarly, you will also contact the HBPW to request delivery of yellow bags.

I have BPW utility service in my name already, what do I need to do to transfer my Garbage service?

Nothing, the BPW will work closely with Republic services to ensure your current refuse account information is transferred over accurately.

I have the utility bill in my name and my roommate has garbage service in theirs. Who will be responsible for garbage going forward?

Refuse service will be automatically added to the open HBPW utility account for the address in question. If you wish to split refuse billing from other utilities, you will need to make such arrangements with the HBPW separately.

Who do I contact regarding a missed pick-up or similar concern?

All concerns or complaints should be directed to the HBPW at 616.355.1500. The HBPW will coordinate directly with the Hauler to resolve any issues within 24 hours.

Why do I only have one container for garbage & recycling? How does recycling work in the City of Holland?

The City of Holland utilizes a single pass approach to refuse & recycling, where recycling materials are placed in designated bright yellow recycling bags. These bags are placed either in the container, with the rest of your refuse, or on top or next to your refuse container. The bags are then separated out at the hauler’s Materials Recover Facility (or MRF) and processed separately. The bright yellow color of the bags allows them to be easily separated from the rest of the refuse.

Can I opt out of the City’s garbage program?

No. City ordinance requires all residential properties (4 units and under) utilize the City’s designated refuse hauler.

Can I opt out of recycling?

No. City ordinance requires both refuse & recycling services. Further, recycling plays an integral role in driving down user rates and fees. The more we are able to divert from the landfill, the lower our fees will be in the long term.

Landlord FAQ’s


I have and affidavit of lease on file for refuse & recycling with my current tenants; will this affidavit remain valid after HBPW takes over billing?

Yes, your affidavit of lease for refuse & recycling will be administered by the HBPW after July 1, 2018

If I have an affidavit of lease on file for utilities (power & water) will refuse & recycling be added automatically?

Landlord’s with current affidavits for utilities filed before July 1 will need to file a separate affidavit for refuse & recycling. All new affidavits for utilities filed after July 1st will automatically include refuse & recycling services.

Currently, the bill for refuse & recycling is in my name or my property management companies name; however, utilities are in my tenant’s name. After July 1st, who’s name will the refuse and recycling account be in?

After July 1st, refuse & recycling service will automatically be added to the open utility account at the address in question. Whoever is responsible for paying for utility services will also be responsible for paying for refuse & recycling services.

Landlords can choose to split refuse & recycling from other utilities; but this request must be made separately with the HBPW.