Tree TrimmingWhen tall-growing trees are planted under and near utility lines, they can cause power outages and potentially injure or kill someone when the branches come in contact with the wires.

Holland Board of Public Works has an extensive tree trimming program with Asplundh Tree Expert Company. Their working hours are from 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Asplundh prunes trees to keep them a safe distance from the overhead electric lines and to maximize the health of the trees.

The Holland Board of Public Works' tree pruning program trims around primary and secondary wires that are attached to our poles. The service wires to customers' homes are not typically trimmed.

Preventing Tree and Utility Conflicts

When planting a new tree, consider how large the tree will be when mature. If the mature height of the tree is greater than 15 feet, then it should not be planted within 15 feet on either side of overhead electric lines.

Many times, the root area of a tree is larger than the branch spread above ground. In areas where there is underground electrical service, trees planted near lines could have their roots damaged if the lines need to be dug up for repairs.
One of the greatest dangers to underground lines is when new trees are planted and someone accidentally digs into an underground line. This can cause serious injury and a lengthy utility outage. Be sure to call MISS DIG at 811 before planting or digging.

Contact one of the local nurseries for help in selecting the right tree for the right place.
If you have any questions or concerns, and need to speak with someone concerning tree trimming, or have a request for tree trimming, please call HBPW at 616.355.1500.