To participate in the Net Metering Program, customers must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Must be a HBPW electric customer on rate A, B, C, F, H or M.  A customer with a load factor less than 30% for three consecutive months is not eligible for rate B.
  • Only qualified renewable energy sources are eligible to participate and these sources are solar, wind, biomass, hydro, energy storage system, geothermal or other approved renewable resources
  • The nameplate capacity of the renewable generator may not exceed 550 kilowatts (kW)
  • The renewable generator may not be sized to exceed the customer's annual electricity needs
  • The generator must be located on and serving only the customer's premises
  • Customer must meet approved interconnection requirements before participating in this program

The Net Metering Program requires customers to have: 

  • An electronic bi-directional billing meter
  • A separate generation meter
  • All metering equipment must meet HBPW's standard specifications and requirements
  • Meters and meter sockets will be furnished by the HBPW
  • Customer is responsible for meter installation and maintenance costs


The following steps will guide you in starting the Net Metering Program application process.

  1. Complete and submit the net metering application form to the HBPW
  2. Pay the $100 application fee (non-refundable)
  3. After the HBPW has completed the interconnection study and approved the proposed interconnection and net metering project, the customer will be required to enter into an Interconnection and Operating Agreement (Customer is responsible for any costs associated with the interconnection.) 

Contact HBPW Electric Engineering Department for Customer Owned Interconnection and Operating Agreement.