Once your application and fee are received, a HBPW representative will contact you to discuss your application and assist in developing an Interconnection Agreement specific to your project. Upon completion of the proposed installation, a generation meter will be installed and the existing electric meter will be replaced with a Net Meter.  The generation meter will record the output of the renewable generator.  The Net Meter will record the electric energy supplied by the HBPW and will also record the energy supplied by customer's renewable source that is delivered back the HBPW.

The HBPW will bill the customer for energy supplied from the electric grid.  If the customer generates more electricity than is used, a Net Excess Generation (NEG) credit will be given, which will carry forward to future billing periods.  The HBPW will calculate the average annual consumption for the customer.  The customer will not be allowed to carry a NEG credit totaling more than the three-month annual average.  Any NEG credit that totals more than the three-month annual average will be reset to the lesser of the three-month annual average, or the generator size, and the excess credit will be forfeited. 

This program is voluntary and available on a first-come, first-serve basis. HBPW may terminate a customer's participation in the program if the customer's facilities are causing a safety concern or if the customer's facilities are not in compliance with the generator interconnection standards. 

Customers may terminate their participation in the program at any time for any reason, with a 60 day notice.