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East Point Substation

Project Update

Holland BPW makes necessary investments that keep our community thriving. To support our customers' growing electricity needs, we are building our 10th substation. East Point located on Waverly Ct. will be able to serve 80MW of additional load. It is projected to be complete by September 2023.

October 2022 - Earth work begins, preparing the site for construction.

December 2022 - Earth work continues at the East Point Substation site.

January 2023 - Workers set a sanitary sewer manhole in the ground. Detention basins for the substation are in place. The underground stormwater storage system is in place.

February 2023 - Concrete foundation pads are in place. Drilling is preparing bases for utility poles.

April 2023 - Three giant transformers arrive from Idaho. Each empty transformer weighs 95,000 pounds and they will double their weight after being filled with oil to begin operations. 

June 2023