Holland Board of Public Works Water Distribution

Our water distribution system contains 240 miles of water main. It is located primarily within the City of Holland, with some sections of Park, Laketown and Holland Charter Townships included. Most of the water mains are 6, 8,watertreatmentplantor 12 inches in diameter, but some are as large as 36 inches. There are approximately 13,000 service connections and more than 2,300 fire hydrants. There are four water storage tanks, and five pump stations pumping to five pressure zones within the system.

Water Filtration Plant

Our HBPW Water Filtration Plant began operations in 1955. Located on Lake Michigan, the plant filters 38.5 million gallons of water per day and is staffed by five full time, state licensed operators. Operations are in process day and night.

Interested in a tour?

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