Holland Board of Public Works operates and maintains nearly 190 miles of public sanitary sewer main, which are cleaned on a five-year rotation. Cleaning is done by inserting a high pressure hose into the sewer, and as it is Trap Diagrampulled back, drives any debris that collects toward a downstream manhole. From there, a vactor truck sucks the debris into the truck. 

From time to time, your home or business may experience a hint of sewer gas or gurgling in your toilet. A home with proper plumbing should not have issues as a vent stack is a required element of your plumbing system. This vents the sewer gas from your home and all of your drain fixtures should be connected. 

It is possible the smell may be caused due to a blockage of: 

  • A bird's nest
  • Snow
  • Leaves
  • Other debris
  • Dry trap 
    • Each open drain is required to have a trap that holds a small amount of water to prevent sewer gas from entering the home. During the routing process, it is possible water may have been sucked out of the trap if the vent stack was partially blocked. 

To clear the possible blockage, it may work to flush the vent stack with a hose from the roof. Occasionally pour water down each and every drain to prevent the water in the trap from drying up.