James De Young Power Plant is located at 64 Pine Avenue. When initially built in 1939, the facility housed two coal-fired boilers capable of generating 7.5 MW each. As the city grew and power demands JDYGSConveyorPlantincreased, additional units were added. Unit 3 was built in 1953, burns coal only, and produces 11.5 megawatts. The excess heat from this unit is used to heat water used in the snowmelt system for downtown Holland. Unit 4 was built in 1961 and produces 22 megawatts. Unit 5 was built in 1968 and produces 29 megawatts. Both unit 4 and 5 can burn either natural gas, or coal.

The units currently run in James De Young are base-load units, which run 24 hours a day, seven days a week at a consistent capacity load. 

If JDY cannot meet Holland's entire electric demand, additional power is either purchased from the external electrical grid, or produced from the combustion turbine generators owned by the City of Holland.