DSC00662 resAdding renewable, low- or zero-emission technologies will play an ever-larger role in meeting future energy demand, both on a national level and in the Holland community. The following projects are successfully underway at Holland BPW:

  • Net Metering: Our residential and small business customers can use their renewable energy generators to put excess generation back into the distribution grid in exchange for billing credits.

  • Granger Land Fill Gas Project: A project of the Michigan Public Power Agency (MPPA), when developed this program is anticipated to provide Holland BPW with up to 3 percent of the electric energy we require. The project will develop up to 25 megawatts of electric generation sourced from landfill gas. Holland's portion is 4 megawatts.

  • Wind Turbine Manufacturing Development: Holland BPW has worked with the Right Place in Grand Rapids and a major wind turbine manufacturer to locate a wind turbine manufacturing facility in the City of Holland. We also successfully partner that company with Energetx Composites, a Holland-based manufacturer of wind turbine blading.

  • North American Natural Resources: The HBPW worked with NANR on a power purchase agreement from a generation source at a country-owned landfill site near Niles, Michigan. The Holland BPW receives up to 6.4 megawatts of power supply from this landfill gas generator.

  • EON Wildcat Wind Farm: MPPA has entered into a 20-year purchased power agreement (PPA) with Beebe 1B Renewable Energy LLC. The MPPA portion of the project has a total capacity of 26.4 MV and the HBPW is entitled to 16.8 MW. Expected energy output is 55,188 MWh per year for Holland's share. The expected commercial operating date for the project is November 2014. 

  • Bebee Wind Farm: The HBPW has entered into a long-term contract with EON to provide energy from Wildcat Wind farm. The project began in January 2013 and the HBPW's portion of this project is 15 MW. This project will provide approximately 50,000 megawatt hours of energy annually from 2013 through 2022.